Hazeldean 9558 is an outstanding sire with exceptional ASBV’s.  He is a trait leader for fibre diameter as well as indexes for 7%, 10% ss and 14% ss. 9558 sires exceptional progeny with very white,  stylish wool that retain their style and fibre diameter with age . Born in 2002 he has over 2000 progeny recorded. See  HAZELDEAN-009558. $35 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 8033 is a trait leader for fleece weight and for index rankings. He has a curve bending spread of ASBV’s featuring low fibre diameter and high fleeceweight ASBV’s . 8033 is a big bodied ram in the traditional Hazeldean mould and stamps his progeny with consistently high production phenotypes. See HAZELDEAN-008033 . $35 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 5112 is a trait leader for many, many traits. Again demonstrating Hazeldeans unique combination of low fibre diameter and high fleeceweights giving you the edge no matter where the micron premium lies. 5112 is a traditional Hazeldean type with super production and although lacking a little of the polish of the rest of our Hazeldean sire battery, he remains one of our favorites because of his exceptional production data. If you are breeding rams to make money then this is the sire that will work for you. See HAZELDEAN-005112 .   $35 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 007731 is another high performing Hazeldean sire with strong data and high accuracies for YGFW, HGFW, AGFW, YCFW, HCFW, ACFW  and for ASL. See HAZELDEAN-007731 .     $35 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 003561. The standout sire of the Hazeldean program, 3561 is proving his worth with progeny displaying superiority in all traits. Sired by super sire Hazeldean 2.9558, and by far his best son, 3561 has more fleeceweight than his sire and higher body weight. He is a trait leader across all indexes ranking in the top 1% of Merino rams on the SG database for 7%DP, 7%, 10%+SS and 14%+SS indexes. See Hazeldean 003561. $45 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 004092. Selected by Uruguayan merino breeders with 250 straws ordered, 4092 is a true curve bender with his unparalleled combination of low fibre diameter and clean fleece weight. No other ram in the Sheep Genetics analysis comes even close to 4092′s blend of +10.6 for Clean Fleece Weight and -3.6 for Fibre Diameter. A trait leader for 7%, 10%+SS and 14%+SS this ram allows breeders to significantly reduce micron and increase fleece weight. See Hazeldean 004092. $45 per dose plus GST.

Hazeldean 000333. For those looking to improve staple strength as well as reducing fibre diameter and increasing fleeceweight, 333 is an exceptional son of Nerstane 222 and will impress with his index rankings of top 5% for 7% index and top 1% for 10%+SS and 14%+SS. An outstanding sire used heavily in the 2012 Hazeldean AI program. See Hazeldean 000333. $45 per dose plus GST.

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Owned by Ledgerton (Yass) Pty Ltd, the following sires are part of the T13 project, aimed to drive the average flock micron towards 13 microns, so are Superfine merino sires. They are available at $35 per dose plus GST. Enquiries to Barry Walker at 02 6227 5432 :

The sires available are CSIRO 98-A3176, CSIRO 99-A3385, CSIRO A3334, CSIRO 04-A3351, Yalgoo 980407, Semtech 35122.


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